Features of the Moom Explorer

CO2 A high quality IR COS sensor counts parts per million of Carbon Dioxide in the air to determine the health of the mushroom, and controls fresh air exchange

TEMPERATURE The widest range of temperature control available in a a consumer product +/- 32°F from ambient, unlocks a unique selection of mushrooms to be grown.

HUMIDITY Crucial to the health of fungi, humidity is monitored and replenished every three 3 seconds if needed. The air-tight growth habitat maintains humidity and saves water.

Moom Lander - $259.99

  • More for Less

    We established strategic partnerships and turn organic waste into the substrate, allowing us to offer ready-to-grow substrates for a lower price than market average.

    With our technology you can grow
    around 0.5lbs of mushrooms per week.

  • Biggest Variety

    We are aiming to have 10+ species of mushrooms available upon launch.

    There are 20,000 species of mushrooms around the planet, many of which can be grown in our machine.

    Our goal is to provide the world’s biggest library for homegrown mushrooms.

  • Always Fresh

    Taste diminishes immediately after
    harvest, but with Moom, you harvest when you want to have the freshest mushrooms imaginable.

    Plus, you can explore and uncover new textures and flavors from mushrooms that you can’t get in a store.